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SYAJ – Synergia Youth Association is promoting and developing the SYnergia na Floresta project. This is a project sponsored by the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth, within the scope of the youth volunteer action, and under the “Agora Nós” program, which proposes that our Association go to schools to develop awareness activities for the […]

Let’s help Santa // Erasmus Christmas Band

Hey everybody, as you know Christmas is coming and we have prepared something for you: We want to create a with Erasmus people. We will prepare songs/ poems in different languages for the public in Braga and we will play them in various places to bring joy in peoples lives and give them recycled toys! […]

Santo Antão: SYnergia promotes community development project in Porto Novo

(Cape Verde) Porto Novo, 21 Oct (Inforpress) The youth association SYnergia, headquartered in Braga (Portugal), is now starting a community development project in the city of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, based on the promotion of art and culture, mainly aimed at young people. Melissa Rito, representative of this association, told Inforpress that the first activity […]

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What is being said

Posso dizer que 2019 foi o ano! O ano em que realizei o sonho de prestar voluntariado internacional. Inicialmente ninguém acreditava que a “menina” era capaz de partir assim, sozinha, acho que nem eu mesma acreditava ser capaz. Superei-me, entrei nesta aventura e sem dúvida foi a melhor decisão da minha vida!

Milene Horta Voluntária Overseas

I spent the best 9 months of my Life in Braga with SYnergia.
The EVS was a really beautiful experience and did it with the support of Amazing and professional people help me for make all unforgettable my EVS.
They do their best and they do it really good

Lorenzo Lupo EVS * Itália

I spent 12 beautiful months in Braga, where I had the chance to learn, study and discover about Portuguese culture and society.
Synergia “family” has been a good reality for me; during the work and leisure time I met many different people and professionals and I will use forever the notions I learned during the EVS.
I am sure that in the future our ways will cross again! Thanks 🙂

Matteo Braglia EVS * Itália

Um lugar de puro crescimento, uma segunda casa acompanhada de uma segunda família, experiências que não têm fim e mil e uma histórias para serem contadas.

Obrigada por me deixarem crescer convosco!

Mariana Miguela Voluntário e Diretora SYnergia

Firstly, it was just adventure but then I noticed that is more than an adventure.
I got so many different experiences during my EVS…
But don’t forget! To get all of them, you have to find a great association.
Synergia became my second home.

Mesut Semih Cıkcık EVS * Turquia

I had chance to learn a lot.
EVS in SYnergia was an amazing experience for me and I am happy that you all were part of it.
Thanks to all of you I felt like part of big SYnergia family and I still fill that way.

Vesna Savić EVS * Sérvia

European Volunteers

Want to be a volunteer on a European country?

... or get to know SYnergia's EVS projects?



Video dedicated to the Erasmus + Program from a road trip from north to the south of Portugal, visited the organizations that have experienced the most opportunities of this program, and could not miss SYnergia with participation of leaders and European volunteers from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania . A video that perhaps best represents the search for European identity and youth at the present time: dynamic, supportive, adventurous and open-minded !!!