International Volunteering

With the International Volunteering project, SYnergia Portugal provides community experiences on social, cultural and artistic levels, through short or long-term international mobility programs that encourage the spirit of sharing, volunteering and associativism. Through this project, we also keep establishing community projects in developing countries.

We have two projects that you can choose from and live your international volunteering experience:

In Cabo Verde, you will be able to act in the job creation (community enabler), enhancement of the various youth spaces on the island of Santo Antão and training of kindergarten teachers and assistants for the elderly.

Volunteering in Cabo Verde

Volunteering in São Tomé e Príncipe

In São Tomé e Príncipe, you will be able to continue the sociocultural work in the city of Santo António,  as well as help in the implementation of sociocultural projects in the city of Guadalupe, in partnership with the Franciscan Friars.