Santo Antão: SYnergia promotes community development project in Porto Novo

(Cape Verde) Porto Novo, 21 Oct (Inforpress)

The youth association SYnergia, headquartered in Braga (Portugal), is now starting a community development project in the city of Porto Novo, Santo Antão, based on the promotion of art and culture, mainly aimed at young people.

Melissa Rito, representative of this association, told Inforpress that the first activity of the project takes place on October 28, in the space of the Aldeia Cultura “We Reiz”, in the city of Porto Novo, called “Creative Port – of creativity. ”

It is an event organized by the representatives of the association SYnergia, with the support of the Porto Novo Chamber and the Parish of Saint John the Baptist, which aims to present the project SYNERGIA in Porto Novo, the approach to the young people of this county, through the promotion of various activities, and the encouragement of active community participation.

In addition, it aims to stimulate community work and the sharing of resources and ideas by institutions, socio-cultural agents and citizens, according to Melissa Rito.

The “Creative Port” encompasses a number of activities, such as handicraft workshops and plastic recycling, shadow theater and local art groups.

SYnergia has as its purpose the realization and dynamization of activities of (inter) cultural, social, educational, sports, recreational, artistic and health promotion activities, with and for young people.

He is currently starting his work in Santo Antão, with a community development project in the municipality of Porto Novo, under the coordination of representatives Melissa Rito and Donatello Del Latte.


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