SYnergia Academy

SYnergia Academy is a sports network that consists in an organizational structure of cooperation and interaction between  cooperação e interação entre diversas entities, related to the development of educational and sports activities. The department’s main goal is supporting and strengthening local sports teams’ initiatives, specially those who lack opportunities, as well as promoting the training for our Technical Office Staff, volunteering and exchange with other associations. The priority is making sports accessible for everyone and promote sports practice in various contexts.


We believe that one of the best ways to promote and raise awareness for sports practicing is by presenting the several options people can choose between, through the testimony of those who practice them. With this in mind, we develop various activities of showing different sports locally:

– CADI with Life

– 5th Generation

– Sports activities at cities’ centres

– Sports shows

"Coffee with Fairplay" Roundtables

Our “Coffee with Fairplay” roundtables are an event where we discuss many themes related to sports that promote the public debate about sport’s importance, sport’s ethic, safety in sports and others as relevant as these.

Online Activities

In a world that gets more digital everyday, we also bring our activities to the internet and social media, as a way of connecting even more with young people. For them, we also develop several activities:

– Successful Sports’ Stories

– Health and Sports with SYnergia (tips and workshops)

Street Football

Street Football is a project that was created with the goal of stimulating people’s capacity in a situation of fragility and social exclusion, namely housing fragility in developing personal and social skills in practice of sports.

The project is a tool of training in the development of social and personal skills. Over the past years, it has grown and gathered important supports, which is the case of the program “Football for Hope”, that received an award in the 2017 edition of the Portuguese Football Federation’s Quinas de Ouro Gala. It was also distinguished by the UEFA Foundation for Children’s administration board as one of the 23 european projects highlighted in developing social inclusion projects.

Holiday Camps

Every year, we create vacation programs with group dynamics’ activities that help   com atividades de dinâmicas de grupo que permitam encouraging sports practice in young people, everyday more technological.

Our sports

Apart from the activities and initiatives we develop, we also open our place to many different sports, in order to promote sports practice even more.