SYnergia Azores

Volcanic region made up of nine islands, each with its own characteristics, Azores have a population of around 236 thousand inhabitants. From Terceira to Corvo, the region is home to enormous biodiversity and history, making it a place of excellence for nature tourism and work in the field of climate action. 

Besides it’s environmental and historical sectors, Azores also stand out for their vast human heritage, architecture, festivities, gastronomy, culture and handicrafts. All these factors have already earned the region the classification by UNESCO of Historic Center for Angra do Heroísmo, World Heritage Site for the Vineyard Culture Landscape of Pico Island and Biosphere Reserves of the islands of Graciosa, Corvo and Flores.

The development of young people is not left out in this equation of excellence, with the presence of a large number of schools, ranging from preschool to college, with Azores University.