SYnergia Braga

Braga, a bi-millenary city with a strong historical background, is also considered one of the youngest in Europe. Due to it’s location and dynamics on social, academic, touristic, cultural, economic and technological levels, it presented itself as a city of excellence for the creation and development of SYnergia Braga, as well as the fulfillment of the objectives, values and vision of it’s foundation: justice, solidarity, responsability, cooperation, social conscience, as well as being a place to exercise and claim rights: environment, mobility, culture, sports, leisure and promotion of intergerational bonds in the community.

SYnergia Braga was founded in 2004 as Youth Centre and was the start for the Associação Juvenil SYnergia and for our development in all the country and the world, as well as the foundation of the cooperative SYnergia Portugal.

Throughout the years, SYnergia Braga has received several prizes and recognitions:

  • In 2008 we received, from the Youth State Department, a national Associative Good Practices Award;
  • In 2013 we received, from the Prime-Minister Pedro Passos Coelho, the award of Associative Good Practices;
  • In 2014 e 2015, we were also recognized with the second place of the Good Practices award;
  • In 2014, we received from Braga’s City Council the Town’s Medal, for our work in youth and sports;
  • In 2015, we received from the European Commission the award of European Good Practices, related to the Erasmus+ program;
  • In 2015, we received Braga’s Associativism Award;
  • In 2016, we received the VI Youth Volunteering Montepio Award 2016/Honorable Mention;
  • In 2016, we were also recognized with the award for Associative Good Practices – North;
  • In 2017, we were recognized as Best Regional Project of Youth Volunteering Good Practices, from IPDJ;
  • In 2019, we received the award “A Nossa Terra” for Cultural and Recreational Association;
  • Also in 2019, we received a Honorable Mention of Youth Associativism Good Practices, for our work with SYnergia Cabo Verde, from IPDJ;
  • In 2020, we received a honorable mention from IPDJ, with SYnergia’s environmental project;
  • Also in 2020, we were recognized with the award for Associative Good Practices – North, from IPDJ, for our work on CADI.