SYnergia Environment

On SYnergia Environment, we carry out a continuous work of support to the developed projects and hubs, like Erasmus+, as well as actions to raise awareness in the community, schools and local projects. Our aim is to, through trainings and practical activities that are continuously developed or already successfully established, maintain this work methodology and create habits that can be implemented in the daily life of young people, both locally and internationally.

International Work Camp

SYnergia develops periodically an international work camp in which we gather dozens of european young people and raise the awareness among them and the community to the environment, through campaigns and public spaces’ cleaning, with the following goals:

– Promoting a more active community participation in protecting the environment.

– Promoting and developing social inclusion activities and volunteer work.

– Promoting actions to raise community’s awareness to environmental issues, combat climate change and social inclusion.

– Raising awareness to the impact of single-use plastic on terrestrial and marine life.

– Creating an international network of young people, in order to ensure the impact and continuity of the project.

SYnergia BioVegan Market

SYnergia BioVegan Market is an initiative created with the purpose of disclosing and promoting companies, projects and products that are friendly towards animals and the environment.

There were several projects and entities that have already passed through this market, such as vegan food, second handed clothes and accessories, environmentally friendly products, make-up and craftsmanship. We also develop activities in the areas of health, ethics and other themes related to sustainability, such as workshops, lectures, round tables, debates and live-shows.