SYnergia Health

On SYnergia Saúde, we meet SYnergia Academy’s needs, as well as young people’s, projects’ and iniciatives’ that intend to encourage and implement healthy lifestyle and sportive habits in the community. With this, we intend to make physical activity, formal or informal, properly safe, through the provision of health services dedicated to this public.


Mental health presents itself as a relevant factor that enables the necessary adjustment to deal with emotions, whether they are positive or negative. Investing in strategies that strengthen the balance of mental functions is essential for a healthier social life. Besides being a determining factor for our physical stability, mental health is closely related to the quality of the individual and collective interactions that we establish.

With this in mind, SYnergia Health offers several activities regarding mental health, that help educate, enlighten and support the community in this matter.

– Psychological evaluation or intervention appointments in person, at home or online.

– Thematic months, with monthly publication of posts with informative documents and videos on social media.

Medical-Sports Examination

SYnergia continues to carry out medical-sports exams, carried out by competent and experienced professionals in the health area, with the ability to carry out mandatory and essential sports medical exams, for the practice of sports and prevention of possible cardiac problems.

This exam should be done at the beginning of sports practice and/or in the birth month, being only subject to prior appointment at SYnergia Saúde.

Besides the formalization and annual validation of the Sports Medical Examination, it allows access to clinical and sports monitoring services throughout the year, in terms of sports medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, among others, as well as converging with research for scientific processes.

Conversations with Health

Conversations with Health are an activity that comprises a series of conversations, with the aim of raising awareness for the importance of a healthy life, learning about various themes within health and demystifying some topics. These conversations can be developed directly with students or opened to the community.