SYnergia Lisbon

Capital of the country, the population of about 545 thousand inhabitants make it the most populous city and metropolitan area in the country. Lisbon stands out as a historic but ageless city, constantly innovating and reinventing itself. Besides being famous for the temperature that rarely drops below 15ºC, for its gastronomy, accommodation, habits, customs and traditions, Lisbon also stands out as a highly dynamic and young city, full of culture, sports and technological innovation. 

For several years, due to its dynamics, innovation and role as capital of Portugal, Lisbon presents itself as a place of excellence for the development of young people and the achievement of goals. With a total of 312 schools and kindergartens, public and private, it also has numerous college education institutions, such as Lisbon’s University, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa.