SYnergia Social

On SYnergia Social, we work with every social action, entrepreneurship, tourism, volunteering and international mobility projects and initiatives. We help raising the voices of young people, projects and initiatives that prove to have a positive impact in the community and help finding new experiences and disseminate values.


A volunteer is someone who is available to provide solidarity actions for the welfare of others, in a completely free way and entirely free of charge. Anyone can play this role, besides their motivations, although we think the main reason might be wanting to make a difference in someone’s life, in the development of a society or in the defence of a cause.

SYnergia Portugal gives you three ways for you to live your volunteering experience:
«Volunteering with SYnergia was a very wholesome experience! Very good vibes and energy, a good way to learn more while having fun and stepping out of your comfort zone!»

Non-Formal Education

We value non-formal education as a way of strengthening values that are essential for the life in society and the personal and collective development. With this in mind, we develop several activities on this matter, that can be with young or senior people.

– Self-development and self-empowering workshops

– Theme lectures and educational games

– Support Office for the Transition to Emplyment

– GEPE – Mutual Assistance on the Job Searching Group

– STEP Project

– Cycle of Debates: Sustainable Development Goals

Inclusive Activities

Focusing on the promotion and strengthening of the social fabric, as well as in the preservation of intergerational and intercultural bonds, we constantly promote inclusive activities in our areas or in partnership with other associations/institutions:

– “World Diversity, Travelling and Cultures” Multicultural Nights

– Inclusive Painting and Sports